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WHAT IS THIS MELODY? Solo Instrument Loop
Really rough pianoo Classical Song
shit rough piano stuff Classical Loop
Feel Alive (Euphoric trance) Trance Song
Bring me to my knees [GrayZ] Trance Song

2015 Submissions

Trance blah blah blah Trance Song
Lucario Is Gay Lol 2 Techno Loop
2-0 son Trance Loop
My thoughts on LoL Trance Loop
Ruwolf! Dubstep Song
That Was Dirty Lol123oerlf Trance Song
That was dirty Trance Song
Lucario is gay lol Experimental Loop
Sad piano at 5:59AM Ambient Loop
Some random trance loop. GrayZ Trance Loop
GrayZ Hardstyle project wip Trance Loop
non mixed cheesy trance Dance Loop
Grayz+Pyrotek45Demo Techno Loop
Sweet piano. [GrayZ] Trance Loop
[GrayZ] Hands Up! Techno Loop
silhouette - (Collab) Trance Song
Sonic on MDMA[GrayZ] Video Game Loop
Synth Guitars [GrayZ] Video Game Loop
GrayZ Meets DnB Techno Loop
GrayZ theme Demo Trance Loop
Melodic trance(metal) Trance Loop
Tech Metal Techno MASH! Heavy Metal Song
Sytrus Techno [GrayZ] Techno Loop
Sytrus Sunburst [GrayZ] Trance Loop
Arp madness! [GrayZ] Trance Loop
[GrayZ] Sytrus Trance Trance Loop
Super kitty anime [Grayz+Pyro] Dance Song
super cute kitty anime techno. Dance Loop
Future colab (GrayZ+pyrotek45) Dance Loop
Electro house loop [GrayZ] House Loop
[170bpm] TLS [GrayZ] Dance Song
The last stand. [Demo][GrayZ] Dance Loop
Insane Energy [GrayZ] Demo Techno Loop
I bought some headphones[GrayZ Techno Loop
GrayZ + Pyrotek45 WIP Techno Loop
GrayZ Rave wave 2 [WIP] Trance Loop
GrayZ +jason Starlight2 Trance Loop
last thing in fl evar. Trance Loop
Old thing, changed a bit. Gray Techno Loop
Fresh start, New me{WIP} Trance Loop
Something I'm working on. Dance Loop
Chrono Trigger [Frog theme]wip Dance Loop
Hi, This is cool. hehe Dance Loop
This has potential but itsshit Dance Song
GrayZ killed Jay-Z 3 Techno Loop
GrayZ Killed Jay-Z 2 Techno Loop
GrayZ killed Jay-Z Techno Loop
I love Jordan Trance Loop
Before Mydnite [Remix loop] Classical Loop
Climax [Final NG cut] Trance Song
Sensation [NG cut] Trance Song
[GrayZ] Climax [WIP] [Trance] Trance Loop
Techno remix [GrayZ] Dance Song
Remix WIP [GrayZ] Dance Loop
GrayZ [Fly Away] (NG Cut) Techno Loop
GrayZ Aint Dead Techno Loop
Guess teh remix ;D Dance Loop
[GrayZ] Some more shit. Dance Loop
[GrayZ] My best yet. wip Trance Loop
[Grayz] Shredding techno(Isuck Techno Loop
Some rob mayth kind of shitWIP Dance Loop
Possibly my last work. [GrayZ] Techno Loop
Epic Trance[Exclusive Preview] Trance Loop
Jump. [GrayZ + F-777 (noob)WIP Dance Loop
Jump jump. Jumpstyle.wip Drum N Bass Loop
[GrayZ] Dj splash Bass is kick Techno Song
L+J Trance bass. (WIP) Trance Loop
GrayZ Experimental Trance Trance Loop
Darren Styles Outta my Head GZ Techno Loop
[GrayZ] Marino is a true G Dance Song
Marino is a true G Dance Loop
Dedicated to MARINO Techno Loop
Eurodancer [GrayZ] Dance Loop
F-777 - SkyFlight [GrayZ] Dance Loop
F-777 + GrayZ [WIP] Dance Loop
Sad piano melodies [GrayZ] Classical Loop
Px9 Chaoz Fantasy [ReMiX] Drum N Bass Loop
Paragonx9 Chaoz Fantasy GrayZ Drum N Bass Loop
[GrayZ] Unsane Techno! Techno Song
[GrayZ] Preview Techno Loop
[GrayZ] 10 minute trance Trance Loop
[GrayZ] Happy Hardcore 2! Techno Song
Sir_GrayZ Collab Miscellaneous Song
[GrayZ] SDT [Remastered] Trance Song
[GrayZ] Starlight Dream Trance Trance Song
Happy Hardcore [GrayZ Techno Loop
[GrayZ] You're my angel [Tech] Techno Song
[GrayZ] Zeldary pianoy thingy Miscellaneous Loop
[GrayZ] ProJect TranCe Techno Song
[GrayZ] Some crazy techno shiz Techno Song
Dj Nate Last Forever [GrayZ] Techno Loop
[GrayZ]Project Techno [180bmp] Techno Song
[GrayZ] Project Techno Techno Song
[GrayZ] Techno on Speed [Mast] Techno Song
[GrayZ} Techno on Speed Techno Song
[GrayZ] Techno on Speed Techno Loop
East Clubbers Silence [GrayZ] Techno Loop
[GrayZ] Techno Rocker 2 Techno Song
[grayz] If U Use Fl Help Me! Techno Loop
~GrayZ -+[Techno Disco]+- Techno Loop
[GrayZ} Dream Trance {ReMiX} Techno Song