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A return to newgrounds?

2012-10-28 10:24:23 by GrayZ

No idea if I still have a following on this. Stopped making electronic music and moved on to nu metal for a while.

I was wondering if I still had any fans on this if you guys would like me to return to dance music. I would also be doing experimental synth metal/tech metal. Took a year course in mixing and producing so if you guys would like to hear more from GrayZ, just let me know! :)


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2012-10-28 10:56:01

Experimental Synth Metal/Tech.....yes...I want to hear that music like right now

GrayZ responds:

:) won't be until around christmas time, but i'll try and please your ears!


2013-05-04 16:31:30

I'm still a fan of your dance stuff ^_^
GrayZ FTW!!!


2013-06-05 09:56:59

I would LOVE for you to return to dance music!