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2011-04-10 05:47:24 by GrayZ

Hey, If you want to get in contact with me for collab work or news then add me on

If you want to hear about my upcoming work fave me as an artist and I will send a pm! :D

Thank you all for your continued support.



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2011-06-09 14:57:06

haha, lol, what kind of email is that? xD

GrayZ responds:

Long story! :)


2011-06-22 20:09:05

Hey! I have one question for you:

Do you have any tips for creating bass? I'm totally stuck on making new sounds D:
I use FL 9, which I know a lot of people who do :P

Thanks in advance :D

GrayZ responds:

What plug ins d you have? :)


2011-12-28 20:01:01

Hey dawg.

Congrats on the "Best of the Week"! I saw your song and just kinda laughed quietly to myself.

Then I continued burying that dead hooker. Their necks just aren't as flexible as I remember, I guess.


2011-12-31 20:45:09

i dont agree with the fact that u give food to people to fav you.
its similar to doing so for the rating.
fav should come because they like you
not becaus ethey just wnat a pm.
but if they like you they wnat pm.
so that isnt so bad. just pointing this out