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0 Bombers.

2011-02-11 09:40:53 by GrayZ

Just a rant about these sad bastards. I was going through NG just listening to the newest submissions and everyone that had only one vote on was voted 0.00, so I decided to post. Then literally seconds after I posted It was 1 vote 0.00/5.00

I mean do these people just sit refreshing the audio page to put a dampner on peoples efforts?




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2011-02-11 13:51:27

lmao that happens to me ALL THE TIME


2011-02-12 02:03:42

Face it... There are some people who have to see the rain in every cloud, instead of the silver lining. They exist. Who knows why, or how. Their minds work in weird ways. I suppose they deem themselves the critics, the few who stand out to make those who think electronic music is good pay for their error...

Or they are just idiots. I prefer the latter hypothesis. >.<

Just move forward. One vote of 0 from them, and 5.09 power on a 5 from me? I think I win that battle.



2011-03-07 22:56:40

Even though I have absolutely no experience with 0 bombers, never even seen one. But I know what they are, and already I hate them. They're jsut trolls, people who find happiness in a another's misery, and so they go around causing that misery. Or at least trying to.

But I'm sure you knew what a troll is and I tried sounded dramatic/serious and probably failed horribly at it.