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2011-01-16 17:03:29 by GrayZ

Have any of you composers out there thought that even though you dont like your own songs as much as you like other peoples songs, other people still seem to find them good? I've not once been amazingly proud of a piece of work i've done but I still manage to scrape a good review. Weird.

Thanks alot for all your support. I'm improving very fast! :)


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2011-01-18 14:03:24

Ha, yeah. My ONE piece of music on here is on youtube because someone liked it. Yet, when I posted it, it was all like "Meh, I've made ti, why not post it?" I still don't see why people like it so much, but I suppose that's where a person is calloused to their own.

My answer was to always ask others about my writing, and see what they thought before I confirmed it as mine. But, it made me dependent, a hard habit to break.

No simple fix here... It's just a weirdness of man's nature.



2011-01-20 21:28:37

wait im little confused i meani bearly started submitting
so i dont know